Delight in the Lord

Have you ever recognized what causes you to delight? Is it the opportunity to take a relaxing vacation or travel to exciting, new places? Maybe it's having your family all together? Perhaps you delight in a job well done or having success in your career? We all find delight in something or many somethings. In fact, the definition of the word delight is to take great pleasure in something. When we delight in something or someone, we long to be surrounded or immersed in its presence. This makes me think of how often we delight ourselves in God and His presence? It is so easy to find our true delight in misplaced affections. It's not that God doesn't want us to enjoy the people, places or simple pleasures of life. Please don’t misunderstand me. These are all precious gifts from Him. However, we often delight in the creation and forget about the Creator. We can commonly make good things to be ultimate things in our lives. Without even knowing it, these good things or good relationships climb the ladder of our hearts.

So how do we learn to place our ultimate affection and delight in God? As the Psalmist writes in Psalms 1, "his delight is in the law of the Lord and on it he meditates day and night". In context, the book of Psalms opens with a statement describing how blessed is the one who does not “keep in step with the wicked” but that our ultimate pleasure should be found in the Lord and His Word. Is that even possible? Yes, it is entirely possible! My friend, when we keep in step with the world it deceives us that good things will completely satisfy. It says that our yearly vacations are what we should long for or that if we can land that perfect job we will find fulfillment. The world says that our completion can come from being married or becoming a parent. Now again these are all good gifts and ones we should enjoy but on their own they bring incomplete delight. True and lasting delight can only be found in God. However, it definitely takes intentionality and a daily decision to take pleasure in Him. How? We can make it a priority on a daily basis to ask the Holy Spirit to stir our affections for the Lord. We can plead with God to place a thirst within us that is only quenched with Him. Practically we can apply this in our lives as we spend time in His presence by reading God’s Word and meeting with Him in prayer. Surely, we will find ourselves taking delight in God and who He is.

Now as we read on in Psalms we come to chapter 37 which promises that when we do “delight in the Lord, He will give us the desires of our hearts”. first glance this may seem that when we can learn how to take pleasure in God that He will grant us that perfect job or the spouse or child we have waited for. Now God is completely able to bless us in physical ways but that is not what this verse is conveying. We learn here that as we place our delight in its rightful place - firmly and deeply rooted in Christ - that our hearts become tuned to His. We desire and long for the things God desires. He wants us to reach out in love and serve each other. God desires for us to act out of grace and mercy. He wants us to have true wisdom and understanding. These are only a few of the things that we will desire when our delight is found in God. These are only a few precious gifts that He longs to give us that last far beyond the temporary.

So my friends, have I got this delight thing figured out? No but I am trying and striving for it. While I
can’t promise it is an easy journey, it is definitely worth the effort. It’s not just life-changing but life-giving and that makes all the difference!


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