Let It Be Finished!

I recently started dabbling with chalk painting furniture. I decided to start with an old dining room chair that my husband literally found abandoned along the side of the road. I spent two days painting and touching up every inch of the chair. Then I took a paint scraper to it in effort to chip away some of the new chalk paint and reveal the worn story of the original paint that was underneath. The more I worked on it, the crisp chalk paint disappeared. Soon I realized that if I continued to distress the chair, it would soon be the old, worn chair I had in the beginning. I needed to stop chipping away and be finished! My work was done!

It has become trendy to work hard at making furniture look old. However, our lives don't need to be distressed or a version of what they once were. At the cross, when Jesus breathed His last many miraculous events occurred. An earthquake shook the ground! The tombs of righteous people who had previously died were open and the dead folks were raised to new life. However, the most noteworthy occurrence was accounted in Mark 15:38, "and the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom". If we go back to Exodus 26:31-34 and look at the reason for the veil, we find that God's people were specifically instructed to hang this curtain in the temple to separate the Most Holy Place. It is here that the ark of the covenant was placed and God's Spirit dwelt there. Only priests could enter the Most Holy Place at appointed times to meet with God and offer sacrifices for the sins of the people. It is evident that our sin quite literally separated us from God. The torn veil in the temple at Jesus's death signified that all can enter God's presence and have a relationship with Him. The old way of doing things was gone! God made a new covenant with His people through the broken body and spilt-blood of Jesus. We can approach Him as God our Father!

I have been ashamed at how many times I forget this truth. I feel like I need to prove something to God to be in a relationship with Him. I feel like if I serve people, give generously and be selfless that God will somehow be pleased enough with me to want me. In essence, I am sewing the curtain back up again. I forget that my communion with God does not rest on what I do but rather what Christ has done. That work was finished on the cross. My response should only be confession and adoration. I only need to come!

Friend, if my struggle looks familiar to you let it stop. Just like my old chair, you don't need to keep chipping away at your life trying to make it perfect for God to accept you and bless you! We are acceptable to God because of the sacrifice Jesus made for us with his body. It is enough! Accept the mercy He has shown us. Let it be finished!


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