Life in Real Time

Dear Readers, 

Sometimes it never ceases to amaze me at how humanity seems to always grasp towards perfection. Even though it is never something that we as mere humans can ever attain, we still struggle and strive to get it. On one hand, I think our desire for perfection reveals our need for God who is perfect in all matters of His character. Perfection is woven into the very fiber of His being. On the other hand, this struggle for perfection also reveals something about the nature of the human heart - we are never satisfied completely by anything this world has to offer. It's only when these two meet up can our hearts and souls find their complete and utter satisfaction.

Why then to we still tend to hold ourselves and others to this hopeless expectation of perfection? I am so completely guilty of this. Whenever we are expecting friends or family over for supper, I spend so much of my day making sure that everything is perfect. I tidy, clean and rearrange so that our home looks just so. I cook and bake up a storm so that I have a meal nothing short of a food blogger's dream. Then if something goes wrong like the cake is a little too dark or if our pup accidentally pees on the kitchen floor, I feel like a total failure as a hostess! Then I start to ask myself - WHY?!?! Does all of that really matter? 

This standard of perfection can also run even deeper. It can even effect how we interact with others on a personal/spiritual level. Many times I have hid my fears and concerns from close friends who I could open up to. I think we have some crazy idea that appearing to have everything together makes us look like stronger Christ followers. The last time I checked the Bible is full of people with BIG problems who God is still using for His plan despite their issues. 

So slowly but surely I am learning to hold myself to a certain level of grace and not perfection. Does this mean that if you show up to my house for dinner that I will make you mac and cheese from a box  and let you wade through Charley's puppy toys all over the floor? Probably not :) However if the chicken is overcooked and the pillows aren't fluffed, I will let it be ok! Does this mean that I will pour out my troubles to the clerk at TJMaxx? No, that would be kinda awkward for her but I will allow those close to me to be invited into my heart and my head where I do struggle at times. Real life is not perfect; it's messy. I don't know about you but I don't make my home on Instagram. I live in real life so I am going to let it be messy, scary and yet beautiful. Who's with me?! 


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