Desk Calendar Giveaway!

To kick off 2019 and help you stay organized, I am giving away this beautiful desk calendar from Fringe Studio! This Classic Rose calendar is bound with a classy gold spiral and each month features a gorgeous floral background with gold-foil font. I love a good floral and I hope you do too! This is the perfect little calendar for a small desk or dresser! For more beautiful products for your home and office, visit Fringe online!

You just have to do 2 things to enter the Desk Calendar Giveaway!

1. Subscribe to The Little House in the Midwest blog by clicking the subscribe link at the top of the webpage to receive weekly updates from the blog.
2. Share a blog post from Little House in the Midwest to either your Facebook or Pintrest pages.

That's it! The Desk Calendar Giveaway is open from 1/4/2019 and will close on 1/9/2019. Winners will be drawn at random!

Warm Winter Wishes!

~ The Little House in the Midwest

* Disclaimer - I do not receive any monetary benefit from Fringe Studio. I simply love their products and I think that you will too! 


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