My Neutral Fall Home Tour

Welcome Friends! Come on in out of this cold, windy fall day and get warm! I finally have my house dressed for autumn! Let me give you a tour and maybe you will get some ideas for your own fall decorating!

We will start with the built-in by the front door. I decided on a neutral color palette to blend with the color scheme of my home. Of course, I kept the wooden sign, the eucalyptus garland, the candlesticks, cotton stems and wooden bead garland the same. I like it when each season isn't something completely brand-new but rather a layering or switching of the finishing touches while keeping the main elements from the previous season. I added in the mini faux pumpkins in white, muted orange, and gray-blue. In addition to these pumpkins, I wove in a delicate strand of copper fairy lights to create a cozy glow at night. Here is a peak at my built-in at night!

All of the fall touches including the cotton stems, eucalyptus garland, wooden beads, faux pumpkins, and copper fairy lights can be found on sale at Hobby Lobby!

I also added some DIY hand-lettered pillows to the bench seat. You can find the instructions on how to make your own hand-lettered fall pillows by visiting my very favorite blog, We Lived Happily Ever After by designer and artist Hannah Hathaway! After one read, I immediately loved this lifestyle blog! Hannah's blend of budget-friendly vintage inspired pieces mixed with handmade reproductions is so refreshing! It is the inspiration for so many design ideas that I use in my home.

These pillows are really easy, quick and inexpensive! They are the perfect little DIY project for a Sunday afternoon. You will really enjoy the handmade, fall touch these throw pillows will add to your autumn home.

I just had to add this picture in the mix! My sweet boxer, Charley sometimes sneaks in to the pictures although he doesn't often want to look at the camera...hehe!

On to the end table, I decided on a framed picture of a vintage pumpkin bread recipe along with a gray velvet pumpkin! 

I really like white on off-white décor so I chose a distressed, off-white frame from Walmart to display this FREE printable from the We Lived Happily Ever After blog. Here is where you can print out your own Pumpkin Bread Recipe to display on a end table or coffee table. 

Next stop is the kitchen! 

I did a little shopping in my own storage and pulled out some things to use on my open shelves. I acquired this ornate white frame from a friend. I propped it up against the wall to serve as the backdrop for this vignette. Then I added a stack of books. The book on the bottom, The Magnolia Story looked great with the glossy cover taken off. The middle book was a $4 find from an antique store that I displayed with pages showing because they looked really worn and well-loved. Then the final one is a handmade book with a cover made out my grandma's remnant fabric that my sister made me for Christmas a few years ago. I topped it off with a vintage turquoise Ball jar! I really enjoy collecting turquoise Ball mason jars from antique shops and they show up in a lot of my decorating! I slipped a stem of faux, dusty sage inside the bottom book for a touch of something natural. A blue-gray chalk painted faux pumpkin and a candlestick are great pairings to finish out this shelf! 

On my second open shelf over the stove, I added a cotton sprig and dusty sage to another turquoise Ball jar. Then I found a $5 farmhouse sign at TJMaxx while shopping with a friend. It was a great size for this shelf. A dove gray pottery tea cup was a bookend for this fall display! 

Have you been bitten yet by the letterboard bug? They are so much fun because you can add your favorite quotes to your décor and switch them up as often as you wish! 

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall" by F.Scott Fitzgerald encapsulates the feeling of taking a deep breath on a cold fall morning! It is a great thing to think about while washing a sink full of dirty dishes. Letterboards are also great places to display Bible verses that you are using for your own scripture memory program. When you place them somewhere that you frequent, you can take a few moments to say them aloud to commit them to memory!

Well that wraps up our tour for today! I enjoyed having you visit and review my autumn home with me!


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