Letting Go

There is a quote by an unknown writer that says "Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go." The trees relinquish their leaves in preparation for a long winter's rest and their "letting go" means that millions of gorgeous gold, orange and red leaves flutter to earth. It is truly a beautiful sight! After a few months of hibernation under winter's frosty chill, the trees come back to life again with green leaves in the spring! Just think if those trees refused to give up their leaves in the fall, they wouldn't become brand new in the spring. We sure can learn a lot from these autumn leaves. Beauty can be found it letting go of what we hold dear so that God can do something new! We just have to be willing to lay it down!

In Genesis 22, God asks Abraham to sacrifice his beloved son, Isaac in obedience to Him. However, God planned to do something BIG with Abraham's sacrifice! No doubt this was one of the hardest and most heart-breaking things that Abraham ever had to do because he had waited so long to have son but he trusted God's plan. The Lord made a covenant with Abraham to make his descendants more numerous than the stars in the sky and Abraham knew that the Lord would be faithful! He just had to be willing to lay down what he held on to so tightly. Sure enough, God saw Abraham's love for Him! He provided a ram for the sacrifice and Isaac was spared! God did something new in Abraham's heart. The Lord strengthened Abraham's faith to know that He can always be trusted and He will remain faithful to His promises! How could Abraham have learned this if he hadn't been willing to lay everything down before the Lord?

The same is true for us! God wants to do something in our lives that is far greater than anything we could have planned ourselves. We just need to trust Him and lay down what we hold most dear! The Lord is faithful and He will do something beautiful!


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