Decorate Your Shelves for Summer

Hello Friends!

I hope that you are having a wonderful summer so far! Here in the Midwest, we have been experiencing some super hot days this July! Today, I decided to enjoy the a/c and do a little shopping for some inspiration for my built-in. If you remember my springtime look, I had used some pink touches to bring some added cheeriness to my built-in. Here is a peak at how I decorated it for spring.

At the beginning of June, I swapped out the pink flowers and jars for the cotton sprigs. I also added in some vintage candle sticks that I found at my favorite antique spot, The Open House Shop in Brookville, Pennsylvania. I am not a native Midwesterner, but more of a transplant...hehe! I hail from beautiful western Pennsylvania! Although I have come to call the Midwest my home, I will always be a Pennsylvania country girl at heart! Every time I visit my family in PA, I always have to stop by The Open House Shop! I could spend days just browsing through this great warehouse full of the best primitive antiques. The owners do a fantastic job of creating displays for their wares and I am always inspired to create different looks in my own home! I had picked up the candlesticks during my visit last summer. If you are a lover of anything vintage or primitive and you find yourself in western Pennsylvania, stop by the Open House Shop! You can also check them out online at the Open House Shop

Today I was on what I like to call an "inspiration hunt". I mostly go shopping and come home empty-handed because most of the time I am just searching to be inspired with new ways to decorate. Then I come home and figure out how I can get the look as inexpensively as possible! For the past year, I have been seeing these great wooden bead garlands with nice chunky beads. After searching the web, I found out that some of these garlands are rather pricey. Today I found them on sale at Hobby Lobby for $5.39...YAY!!! I can live with that price so they were coming home with me! I really like how they look with the natural colors of the cotton sprigs and the fresh green in the eucalyptus garland! Plus I know that I can keep using them into fall as I change up the built-in for a new season.

I hope this gives you some ideas for how you can spruce up your mantle, shelves or built-ins for summer!


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