Summer Decorating Trend - LEMONS!

Yep! I bet you've guessed it! This summer's big decorating trend is all about lemons! I enjoy reading blogs/magazines that detail current trends in home d├ęcor and lemons are showing up everywhere! Lemons really lend themselves to summer decorating because they look sunny, bright and fresh! Of course, arranging real lemons in a large bowl always looks great but lemons are popping up in some other unexpected ways!

1. Botanical Prints

These antique and scientific prints are all the rage right now across many design styles from cottage and farmhouse to transitional and modern. If you are interested in shopping for some prints, check out these cute ones on Etsy - Lemon Botanical Prints
My botanical print is actually a greeting card that I cut down to size and placed in a frame! It adds a little pop of summer to our entry table!

2. Dishes & Table Settings

These delicious, yellow beauties are the inspiration for many different table setting options. While the lemon trend is simply a trend and could be short-lived, I don't recommend making an investment on dishes or linens that feature lemons...unless your love for lemons has a longer shelf life :)
I found this Norwegian-inspired bowl at TJMaxx for less than $5! There were only two in stock. When this happens, I elect to buying one or two and display them on my open shelves in the kitchen. TJMaxx and HomeGoods are great spots to search for the latest in home trends and their prices make it worth it. When my husband and I were first married, I vowed to not spend more than $20 on any decorating item unless it was something that I plan to use for many, many years.

3. Health & Beauty Products

Not only are lemons beautiful and lovely for summer decorating, they smell amazing! Lemons also have natural antiseptic properties. They will naturally deodorize your hands after chopping foods with strong odors such as onions or garlic. Lemon hand soap is a great choice to have handy by your kitchen sink. Lemon juice also can sterilize bites and wounds as well as soothing burns. This lemon soap in a pretty pump was another great find from TJMaxx!

I hope that you have enjoyed this glimpse at decorating with lemons! There are dozens of other options out there from tea towels to door mats! Hit up your favorite shop to check-out the lemon bounty!


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