A Blessing For Your Home

Dear Readers,

Have you ever been to a place where you felt at peace and sensed God's presence? My Grandpa Ken and Grandma Kitty's house was one of those places. I have so many wonderful memories of being in that house. I fondly remember Christmases when the whole family could be together. We would talk, laugh and share some of my grandma's delicious cooking! I also remember climbing the steep staircase to my aunts' old bedroom to play dress up with flowy, colorful dresses, hats and beaded necklaces. As a teen, many afternoons were spent drinking tea with my grandma as she shared her heart with me. Those memories are so alive in my mind. I can still hear grandpa's hearty laugh, smell the musty, familiar smells of their old, treasure-filled basement and taste grandma's homemade buns! Somethings, we just never forget. One thing, that stands out among all the rest is the peace that I felt while in their home. After my grandparents went to be with the Lord, their little house in Distant, PA was sold to a local family. The young mom shared with my dad that she could feel the prayers in the walls! What a thing to have said about your house! I know this is true! Their were no doubt hundreds of prayers offered to God in that house. Some of thanksgiving, others of desperation and sorrow. Undoubtedly, my grandparents prayed some of those on my behalf. It would be a great honor to have such wonderful things said about our home!

When Chris and I moved in to our little ranch, my Grandpa Carl sent us a letter of congratulations and thanksgiving to God for His blessing. He implored me to take time to ask God's blessing on our new home. So I walked the property line and into each room while praying for God to come and abide in our home. It is my desire to lead you in a blessing for your home. Whether you have just moved in or have lived in your home for 40 years, it is never to late to usher in the presence of God!

A Blessing for Your Home ~

Read 1 Kings 8:27-29 - Solomon's Prayer of Dedication

In the scriptures prior to these, we find King Solomon building a beautiful temple for the Lord. It took seven years to finish and what a splendid temple it was! If you are interested, read back in 1 Kings 6. It records all of the precious materials used to fashion the temple in honor of the Lord. As women, many of us are passionate about our homes. We want to craft and create it to be a warm, cozy, and a beautiful place. Even as we paint rooms, arrange furniture, and hang art, let us remember that our homes belong to God. Psalms 50 reminds us that the whole earth is the Lord's. It is because of Him that we have income to purchases or rent the homes we reside in. In today's culture, it is all too easy to get caught up in making our homes look like a Pintrest board or magazine page so that we may be honored by people. Let us decorate and care for our homes with the Lord at the forefront of our thoughts. Go ahead and use your decorating talents or gifts of cleaning to care for your home, but do it for Him and not the approval of others. God has taught me to remember my posture in response to Him. I don't even want to think of myself as a homeowner but more of caretaker.
At the beginning of chapter 8, the Ark of the Covenant is brought to the temple and placed in the Most Holy Place. As the priests withdrew from the Holy Place, the Spirit of God filled the temple and was so thick that the priests could not even work on their daily duties! Whoa! Can you imagine that? God's Spirit was so thick and close in that place that everyone couldn't help but notice and stop what they were doing! That is what I want for my home and what I pray for on your behalf. Pray that God would allow his Holy Spirit to dwell in your home. As in 1 Kings 8:27-29, pray your own prayer of dedication over your home. You may even want to walk from room to room in your home or around the property line. Below is the prayer that I used in dedication of our home. Feel free to use mine or add to it in any way. Make it your own!

Dear Jesus, 

I want to thank you for the blessing we have in our home. When many are in want of a warm place to live, we do not take it for granted. We recognize that everything we have comes from you and belongs to you. This is your home and we are just the caretakers. Please let your Spirit abide in this place. Let your peace rest on this house. You are welcome here and wanted here. When friends, family and neighbors come into our home, may they sense your peace and presence. May your Spirit be so thick in this place that others can't help but notice. May we honor you with the words said, thoughts conceived and actions completed in our home. Let our house be a place of hope, grace and love. Remind us that everything we do is for your honor and glory! We love you and ask all of these things in Jesus' name! Amen.


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