Come On Over!

Dear Readers,

I want to welcome you to the launch of Little House in the Midwest! This almost feels like I am having you all over for a homecoming or house warming. So come on in; kick off your shoes and make yourself comfortable! Can I get you something to drink? Maybe a lavender-mint iced tea (one of our family favorites)? One thing for sure is that you can be yourself here! As you share in this journey with me, you can expect a few things. First, my life is not perfect! This is not one of those blogs about a woman who lives in perfection and has it all together. You know...the ones that make you feel hopelessly flawed, inadequate and frankly like a big, hot mess! Nope, it's not happening here! Also, I want this blog to encourage you! I will seek to give you ideas for making your space lovely no matter what space you call home. You may call home your parents' basement, a rental property, a starter home or your forever house! It doesn't matter; they are all forms of home and they all can be beautiful! I also realize that part of living a simple life is making the most out of your time. So the projects, DIY, recipes and even the posts you see here can be completed from as little as a few moments to a day because time is precious. Let's make the most out of the time we have! Let the adventure begin! I am so glad you are here!


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Welcome Friends! Thanks for visiting the Little House in the Midwest! Join me on my journey towards a simple yet imperfect but beautiful life to the fullest in Christ! I am excited to be on this adventure with you!