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Delight in the Lord

Have you ever recognized what causes you to delight? Is it the opportunity to take a relaxing vacation or travel to exciting, new places? Maybe it's having your family all together? Perhaps you delight in a job well done or having success in your career? We all find delight in something or many somethings. In fact, the definition of the word delight is to take great pleasure in something. When we delight in something or someone, we long to be surrounded or immersed in its presence. This makes me think of how often we delight ourselves in God and His presence? It is so easy to find our true delight in misplaced affections. It's not that God doesn't want us to enjoy the people, places or simple pleasures of life. Please don’t misunderstand me. These are all precious gifts from Him. However, we often delight in the creation and forget about the Creator. We can commonly make good things to be ultimate things in our lives. Without even knowing it, these good things or good

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