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Let It Be Finished!

I recently started dabbling with chalk painting furniture. I decided to start with an old dining room chair that my husband literally found abandoned along the side of the road. I spent two days painting and touching up every inch of the chair. Then I took a paint scraper to it in effort to chip away some of the new chalk paint and reveal the worn story of the original paint that was underneath. The more I worked on it, the crisp chalk paint disappeared. Soon I realized that if I continued to distress the chair, it would soon be the old, worn chair I had in the beginning. I needed to stop chipping away and be finished! My work was done!

It has become trendy to work hard at making furniture look old. However, our lives don't need to be distressed or a version of what they once were. At the cross, when Jesus breathed His last many miraculous events occurred. An earthquake shook the ground! The tombs of righteous people who had previously died were open and the dead folks were raise…

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