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5 Everyday Habits for Spring Cleaning

Dear Readers,

It's beginning to look a lot like SPRING! It has been such a harsh winter here in the Midwest so we are really looking forward to the arrival of warmer temperatures, longer days and emerging buds!
With a new season just around the corner, many of you will start to think about what tasks need to be accomplished for spring cleaning. I agree that certain tasks are truly appropriate for spring cleaning such as pulling last fall's leftover leaves from the landscaping, scrubbing down patio furniture and switching out sweaters and heavy coats from your wardrobe for lighter, brighter options. However, there are simple housekeeping habits that you can do everyday to make your home look and feel "springtime clean" all year round! Here are a few tried and true things that I complete at the close of each day:

1. Sort the mail - We all get tons of paper and envelopes in our mailboxes. It can really pile up and clutter our countertops. Take a minute each day to shre…

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